Are there extra customs fees?

We have done our best to ensure that there will not be additional customs fees when ordering international orders. However, it is up to the origin country if they impose a required customs fee upon delivery. This is not common, and is an effort to support the host country's economy through import taxes. 

Duties are based off a percentage charged by governments’ customs authorities based on the value of the item above a threshold value. This threshold value changes country by country. Here are a few countries and the threshold they impose import fees on if the value is above the threshold:

  • Canada- 25 USD
  • Europe average- 190 USD
  • U.K.- 130 USD
  • Australia - 1,000 USD

We understand customs fees and unexpected shipping fees can be very frustrating so:

If you have to pay any additional customs fee to receive your order, please reach out to with a picture of your receipt and we will reimburse you for the amount immediately. 

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