What features do SL-200 ShredLights have?

SL-200 ShredLights are a complete upgrade in EVERY WAY compared to the previous Highbeams ShredLights. Check out all the new features below and see the difference for yourself:
  • 6 total light modes (3 power levels and 3 flashing modes).
  • 2.5x BRIGHTER- 200 lumens on HIGH power.
  • 3x bigger battery, enabling up to 150 hours on flash mode.
  • Lights can charge when installed, with USB charging port opposite attachment side.
  • Dual side buttons enable you to power on and click through modes from either side, and dual click to power off from any mode.
  • Internal memory to restore mode light was on when it was double-clicked off.
  • Attached micro USB cover for ultimate dust and water protection.
  • New S-Lock attachment method for easy installation which means no ripped casings, a strong reliable hold which means no lights falling off.
  • Fits on nearly ALL boards, electric or non-electric (check our Fitting Guide for full breakdown).
  • IP-65 Water Resistance Rating due to sealed battery AND lens, and attached usb cover so water has no entry point.

Be sure to check out our SL-200 Blog Post in the "News" tab on our website for a complete breakdown of the SL-200!

We used customer feedback for requested features when designing this light, so if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments feel free to let us know in our Product Survey

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