How do you install SL-200 ShredLights?

With our new S-Lock mounting system, installing ShredLights has never been easier and more reliable! We have 4 different skateboard Mounts, an Action Mount, and an Action Clip that you can use to attach ShredLights to. 

Watch the How to Install SL-200 ShredLights video for a complete walkthrough of all mount options and how to install them!

Getting Mounts on board:

Most skateboard mounts attach to the trucks of any skateboard. This means you simply place the mount between the nut and the bolt on top of the truck (closest to the ground, farthest from the deck)

Always attach Mounts to board before attaching ShredLights to mounts.

Standard Mounts fit on the front of ALL boards.

Check our Fitting Guide for which pair of mounts to use on the rear of your board.

Getting ShredLights on Mounts:

Simply slide the rear of the ShredLight into the groove of the S-Lock, so the long piece on the ShredLight slides between the opening on the mount.

The ShredLight will "click" into place once it is fully secured to mount.

Please ensure the light is fully secure before riding.

Getting ShredLignts off Mounts:

Pull the clamp attached to the ShredLight away from the mount to release the clamp, and pull the ShredLight off of the mount. May be tricky at first, but by your second try you will be a pro.

Don't forget you can charge the ShredLights while they are on the board!

Action Mount:

You will receive go-pro parts that will enable you to attach the Action Mount to any go-pro attachable surface.

Use one of the sticky pads to attach to a helmet, and place go pro mounting system to the pad.

Screw in Action Mount to mounting system. 

Slide ShredLight into groove of S-Lock until the ShredLight "clicks" into place. Be sure the light is fully secure before use.

Action Clip:

Attach the Action Clip to ANY clippable surface! This includes bags, waistlines, jackets etc.

360 degrees of rotation and pivoting allow for the most versatile light clip ever.

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